Luxury Fashion

By taking control of your production process so you can increase your speed to market, ensure your customers feel like they are always on the Paris runway.

Your Brand's Story

Now more than ever, luxury fashion is in a transition phase. Not only does your brand need to maintain high quality garments, but you need to produce at a much faster rate to not only compete with the ever-changing trends, but to also meet the requirements from your retailers. A system that can support the needs of your market today is essential for quick delivery and to preserve the high quality standards of your brand.


  • Streamlined Production

    Create multiple production rounds based on how your business operates, whether seasonal or subseasonal.

    Track when finished goods are delivered to the warehouse (full or partial delivery) and instantly start allocating stock to client orders.

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  • Order Management

    In one click, create production orders for multiple factories based on wholesale client orders; no more double entry!

    Once you receive inventory into your warehouse from the factory, start fulfilling client orders based on priority levels.

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  • Style Design

    Built to easily connect multiple sizing types to one style so your designs can be sold internationally.

    Create and save templates of your style fits.

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Prodmode is here to make your day-to-day operations easier, no matter the type of fashion brand you are