Bridal Fashion

Manage your bridal business with an ERP that can handle the intricacies of production to ensure more brides say yes to the dress.

Your Brand's Story

The bridal industry is unique to the fashion world due to its strong focus on precise production, multitude of different fabrics and, as a result, higher labour costs. Having an ERP that can manage the complexities of your business and support your growth is essential. Prodmode is built to support you all the way through.


  • Streamlined Production

    Create multiple production rounds based on how your business operates, whether seasonal or subseasonal.

    Create POs that instantly produce client order quantities so there is no double data entry.

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  • Style Design

    Keep track of your measurement & grading templates per style

    Prodmode supports all necessary conversions between imperial and metric systems. Easily enter required consumptions in a different unit type that fabrics are sold in.

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  • Material Organization

    Organize your supplier details including currency, costs, shipping costs, & lead times

    Manage your material inventory levels in multiple warehouses by tracking shipments and consumption

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Prodmode is here to make your day-to-day operations easier, no matter the type of fashion brand you are