Fast Fashion

From Catwalk to Sidewalk. Ensure your processes are efficient, quick and as accurate as possible so your customer can always maintain their “trendsetter” status.

Your Brand's Story

Behind the scenes, Fast Fashion is an ever-changing industry looking to meet the demands of the on-trend consumer. Your brand is always looking to improve their supply chain, Quick Response (QR) strategy and establish sustainable production. Prodmode will be there to support you and your team all along the way.

Throughout these process improvements, the end result is ensuring your business is efficiently managed while your sales & margins grow.


  • Style Development

    Efficient management of styles by categorization and sharing amongst collections

    Detailed COGS calculations so you know your full costs per style

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  • Costing & Pricing

    Keep up-to-date information on all material attributes (name, code, descriptions, commodities)

    Manage your material inventory levels in multiple warehouses by tracking shipments and consumption

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  • Streamlined Production

    Create POs that instantly produce client order quantities so there is no double data entry.

    Create multiple production rounds based on how your business operates, whether seasonal or subseasonal.

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Prodmode is here to make your day-to-day operations easier, no matter the type of fashion brand you are