Sales Solutions

Streamline your sales and increase productivity.

Welcome to your beautiful new sales system.


Prodmode offers a new and exciting way to take orders from stockists by desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile:

Tablet and Mobile App

Apart from our regular system, we also have custom designed interfaces for mobile (android & iOS) and tablet. Review entire collections, take orders manually, and scan barcodes, or  find specific business contacts with our app. Doing business on the go has never been this easy.

Dedicated Contacts Module

Keep your business contacts and personal contacts separate with our dedicated business contacts module. Factories, suppliers and clients are categorized into their own zones, makes finding that specific number easy. Prodmode gives you total control over your company’s  contacts list. You can activate and deactivate employees’ accounts ensuring that your information always stays with your company.

Costing and Pricing

Tailor your pricing with our advanced costing interface. It is user friendly and perfect for merchandising meetings. Forget carrying a calculator around, prodmode makes costing painless. Set your prices with ease and comfort. Our costing work zone shows you clear cost prices, make prices and material cost. Everything is at the tip of your fingers in one easy step. Adjust the suggested markup and see exactly how that affects your suggested wholesale and retail price. Costing has never been this simple.




Make this season, and all upcoming seasons a
total success.