Our Product

Discover why prodmode is the brains behind fashion.

When you choose prodmode, you get a lot back.


Set Up

We care about your company getting set up properly and we understand how daunting it is to switch over to a new system. Initial set up is easy and configured to your business. Prodmode is extremely user friendly and intuitive. We walk you through the entire process, making sure you are comfortable with the system and ready to face the season.

Intuitive Design

The bottom line is extremely important to any company and in fashion, so is looking good. Not only is our product easy to navigate, it is also configured to your company’s needs. Our brand is based on the concept that every fashion company needs this technology to push forward, but they also want it to represent them well.  That’s exactly what you get with prodmode, the combination of brains and style.

 Customer Satisfaction

Prodmode is created out of an understanding that a different kind of business management solution is needed for fashion brands, wholesalers and sales agencies. We offer a modern, sleek and smart option that stands out from the crowd and really represents forward thinking brands. We are happy to share a tool that will forever change the way your company does business.

Join us and see why we’re different.