The Brains Behind Fashion

Created by fashion industry experts who understand today's apparel industry. Prodmode is a modern production, sales and management system leading brands and wholesalers to a brighter future.

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Dedicated to fashion brands and wholesale agencies, Prodmode provides a one stop solution for production, management, inventory, and sales.

Business Management

Prodmode puts user experience first. Speedy user adaption rates are key to a successful ERP implementation. Not only easy to use, Prodmode covers all of the key elements to allow apparel brands to deliver on time with accelerated processes.

Sales Solutions

Seamlessly take and review orders on a sleek and modern platform, be it desktop, mobile, tablet or laptop. Send order confirmations, create invoice and track shipments, calculate your inventory and produce important up to the minute reports. 

Our Pricing

We have tailored pricing structures to fit your company’s budget. Give us a call today and we will be happy to go over our pricing with you.

Your Security

Prodmode is secured with SSL, which is an industry standard. We use our own servers for maximum security and take your privacy and security seriously.

Backing Up Your Data

We have our own secure servers that back up your data each and everyday. Never worry about losing your precious data. Consider us your partner. We are here to help make your business life easier.


From the infancy of your collection to the final sale, prodmode supports every step of the process. We help you eliminate error while saving you time and resources. Prodmode is fully configured upon set up to meet all of your specific needs. Learn more


We understand the wholesale distribution process is a complicated one. We ease the complexities of this process by increasing productivity and profitability and providing transparency. We let you focus on your sales campaign. Learn more


Sales campaigns made easy with our cloud solution. Get real time reports on sales numbers. Streamline efforts by having everyone on the same page at the same time no mater where they are in the world. Let us help you work smart. Learn more